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                  COMPANY PROFILE

                  COMPANY PROFILE

                  Color makes the world wonderful. Shanghai Sunway Int’l. Trade Co., Ltd. is committed to contributing its strength for the flourish of the international color industry.

                  Registered in Shanghai, a marvelous metropolis in the leading position of the Yangtze River Delta, we enjoy the up-to-date facilities for trade and transportation, and successive business opportunities as well. As an international trading company, we are strong in chemical field, and more professional in the field of Pigments, Dyestuffs and Solvent Dyes. As for the pigments, we can supply various types of the products with distinctive applications according to clients’ different requirements. They can be used in manufacturing process of printing inks, paints, coatings, plastics, textiles, rubbers and so on. Having established strong ties with many powerful and innovative manufacturers in the field, we can offer the products with reliable quality degree and competitive prices. With our hard work in the chemical trade circle for many years, we boast that our products have spread in Europe, North America, Middle and Southeast Asia. In a word, we welcome the clients from any corner of the world to launch business and make cooperation.

                  We cannot only offer qualified products with many categories, but also provide professional service to boost our clients’ cutting edge in their international and domestic market.